Why Hire A Live Band For Wedding ?

Why Hire A Live Band For Wedding ?

This week I took a band booking for a wedding next March. The bride-to-be was the person who called and booked us.

This is a second-time wedding for this bride-to-be, which means she has already experienced the joys and woes of wedding planning. One of the regrets from her previous wedding (besides marrying the wrong guy) was that she didn’t hire a live band, but rather went with a DJ.

The following quote is taken from the Australian Wedding Blog, mamamia.com.au

To read the full article, please follow this link – http://www.mamamia.com.au/lifestyle/wedding-regrets/

 Considering organisation isn’t one of my strongest skills, I only have one wedding regret. The music. We had a beautiful string quartet playing something beautiful that I can’t recall right now, during the ceremony but our reception music was truly awful.

Mistake number one: We choose a wedding DJ. Mistake number two: We thought he got the memo about our mix of old and new classic dance hits without the cheese. He didn’t.

The dance floor was drained faster than the raspberry cocktails we served once he started down his cheesy 80s medley rabbit hole. He couldn’t be stopped. No matter how many song suggestions my family and friends came up with, he just kept on playing his Worst of the 80s/90s remix.

A band was about three times as much money, but if I could do it all over again, I would definitely ditch the DJ and go for a band. And give them a set list.

Another (happier) story also comes to mind.

A couple of years ago, we played at a wedding at Gunners Barracks on a Monday night. Monday night weddings are unusual, so I quizzed the groom on why?

The bride and groom were both from Melbourne. They wanted a destination wedding. Initially, they researched getting married in Bali and Fiji, but they decided that it was too much to ask of their family and friends. So they thought, “what about a destination wedding in Sydney”!

For Melbournians, Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday. Therefore, if they had their wedding on the day before the Melbourne Cup, all their wedding guests could fly up to Sydney on Friday or Saturday, have a four-day weekend and only have to take one day off work. Great planning!

Another part of their planning was that the groom researched “post-wedding regrets” on as many wedding blogs as he could. He discovered that the common post-wedding regret (particularly with grooms) was that they had opted for a DJ ahead of hiring a band. He therefore made hiring the best wedding band available his number two priority (second to hiring the best venue).

The result…

Awesome wedding!

Post Script…

I should re-locate the band to Melbourne, because Melbourne people appreciate what we do so much more than Sydney folk. We LOVE playing for Melbournians!

Why Hire A Live Band For Wedding
No Regrets

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  1. I like how you mentioned that many people regret hiring a DJ instead of a band. My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding. We’re talking about music, and it sounds like hiring a band would be cool.

  2. Booking a live music band for your wedding makes it more exciting and glamorous. It is very interactive and excites people for dancing. You get sound quality and selection of song better than DJs and can experience how musicians are changing the tempo of a song for more fun. It is highly recommended to hire Live Bands to make your wedding memorable for everyone.

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