What is the best band to hire for Gunners Barracks, Sydney?

What is the best band to hire for Gunners Barracks?

Gunners Barracks at Georges Heights (Mosman) is one of Sydney’s most spectacular venues for weddings, private parties and corporate events. It’s perched high on the hill with stunning views to the south, across the harbour to Vaucluse and Rose Bay.

It’s been called “Gunners Barracks” due to it’s original function of housing military personnel who maned the guns situated there to defend Sydney. The exceptional view of the harbour meant that they had the best opportunity of hitting their targets, if any enemy ships should attempt to invade. When I first performed there back in the early 1990’s, the Australian Army used it as their Officer’s Mess. I played there  at some private functions for the army and army personnel.

The Federal Government took back the land in the 1990’s and it’s now administered by the Harbour Trust Authority who lease the premises to Grand Pacific Group. A few minor modifications have been done to the building, but it’s historic charm has changed little.

As a venue for a function, I would describe it “quirky” because of the four separate spaces that make up the venue. The dining room is on the small side, and comfortably seats 80 – 90 for dinner. The terrace (or balcony) is large and open with breathtaking panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. This is the major selling point of the venue. Then, on the other side of the dining room is the courtyard which often gets used for ceremonies and for outdoor dancing. Finally, there is a backroom (off the dining room) where bands and DJ’s usually set up to provide music for dancing.

With four unique spaces available, it’s easy for things to become disjointed throughout an event. This has a major bearing on entertainment (should you want your guests to be entertained). Thrown into the mix, the only space available for bands using amplification is the backroom. Bands playing acoustically can set up outdoors, but leasing arrangements with the Harbour Trust means that volume levels have to be closely monitored.

It’s a tricky venue if you are hoping to use live entertainment, but it’s a venue that suits Slide McBride to a tee! I have played at Gunners Barracks 60 – 70 times, and it’s the ideal venue for us.

My band’s unique ability to play both acoustically and amplified sets us apart from other bands. Add to this our ability to adjust and adapt to the different stages of an event along with the different rooms makes us an ideal choice.

  • We can play out on the terrace in our roving acoustic format. Similarly, we can play out in the back courtyard.
  • We can also squeeze in and play in the dining room. We do this acoustically which creates a wonderful atmosphere but never gets too loud or over bearing.
  • We can crank up the music with amplification later on, out in the back room. Sometimes people dance in the courtyard, other times they dance in the room itself, but usually we end up with a combination of both.

To conclude, Gunners Barracks is a quirky venue because of the four unique spaces there. Nevertheless,  if you understand the value of live entertainment that can transform your function from just a dinner into being a special event that your guest will talk about for many years later, then make a priority of booking us for this event. Gunners Barracks is an amazing venue, but doesn’t suit many bands. We are the exception.

dancing on the deck at Gunners Barracks
Dancing on the balcony at Gunners Barracks




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