Weddings in Review

Weddings in Review

I thought I’d seen everything at a wedding.

I’ve seen the dresses, the cars, played at virtually every venue in this city, played at weddings of kids just out of high school, played at weddings for retirees, seen the different flowers and  room decorations, had brides and grooms sing with the band, or play instruments in the band, seen people dance, seen people fall over, seen the bar completely drunk dry, played at weddings that were completely dry (i.e. no alcohol), played at receptions for two men, played at receptions for two women, seen pet dogs as part of the bridal party, celebrity singers making guest appearances, firework displays  and the list goes on.

But, one thing I saw for the very first time last week was an aerobatic display during pre-dinner drinks.

The reception was at Jonahs, at Whale Beach. This venue is perched up on the top of the hill looking down at Whale Beach below. The view is breath taking. During the pre-dinner drinks, an aeroplane appeared and started a display of flying that made me feel giddy. Roll, loops, stalls, fly overs, upside down flying, you name it!It was totally mesmerising to watch as I sang songs through my megaphone and played my trumpet and trombone. Fortunately, everything I play is memorised, so I could watch the display as I played.

It turns out that the groom is into flying aerobatics in his spare time, and his flying instructors flew across and did the display as a wedding present.

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