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Online Performances

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With all public performances of music currently on hold, I have taken to giving concerts every Saturday night from my lounge room.

Slide McBride’s Saturday Night Zoom Concert

Date: Saturday, 16th May, 2020

Time: 7:30 PM – 9PM (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Time)

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Thinking of hiring the band, for an event ?

Come along to one of our public gigs and see the buzz and the energy. Then you will be convinced that hiring us is the best investment you can make towards having a successful party. So, if you want to hire a band in Sydney, then look no further.

If you do make it along to one of our public gigs, be sure to introduce yourself to Slide McBride (the person) to have a chat about all that the band has to offer.

Slide McBride (the person who the band is named after) is the singer, trombone and trumpet player, the ukulele player, the occasional bass player and harmonica player. He is also the band manager.

With well over two thousand performances at functions under his belt, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else on the local scene with as much knowledge and experience about venues and events.

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