The Lachy Doley Experience

Back in March this year, I had the privilege of experiencing Lachy Doley’s extraordinary talents. For those who don’t know Lachy Doley, he is renowned for his work on the Hammond organ and the D6 Whammy Clavinet.

The Inner West Council puts on a “Blues Festival” once a year. This is basically a program of three bands playing in a park in Leichhardt. The headline band were Dragon, which is puzzling, since Dragon are nowhere near being a “blues” band. Regardless, Dragon were the crowd pullers. The park was full of baby-boomers, all keen to be taken back to their Golden Years.

Three bands played on a big stage with a big PA. The first band on were totally forgettable. Dragon were on third. The Lachy Doley Group were the meat in the sandwich.

From Lachy Doley’s first song, I knew I was in for an alluring treat of musical delights. He started up on his D6 Whammy Clavinet. I’ve never seen or heard this before. It basically sounds like an electric guitar through an overdrive pedal. Add to this the whammy bar. It was like listening to Jimi Hendrix play, except that it was coming out of a keyboard.

I had to get up closer to experience the full effect of the rotating Leslie Speaker cabinet. I was virtually standing on the stage with the band when I shot this footage (above). I was totally in awe of the musicianship of this powerhouse trio.

The drummer is Jackie Barnes. I watched him play the following week with Rose Tattoo. He was busy behind the kit, but with a sensational sense of time. You really need a busy drummer with a three piece band, but you need someone who can complement the music, despite being busy. Playing in this format was right up Jackie’s alley.

Joel Burton was on the bass. With two musicians playing a lot of notes, you really need someone to hold the whole thing down. This was Joel’s role, and he did this perfectly. He’s got a great sound and plays with tremendous time. This set a rock solid foundation for Lachy and Jackie to launch themselves into “doin’ their thang”.

The band were called The Lachy Doley Group, but they should really be called The Lachy Doley Experience, because that’s what it is listening to his music. Naturally, I bought their CD on the day. Jackie Barnes and Joel Burton both play on the CD, so it’s very authentic to what I heard on the day.

For more on Lachy Doley, go to his website. Below is a link…

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