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Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?

Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?

You were born 39 years ago, and the big ‘FOUR-O’ is rapidly approaching. You ask yourself, “Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?”

As someone who has played at dozens of 40th’s, it’s a ‘no-brainer’. How many times are you going to turn 40 in your life? Are you going to wait until your older (with less energy) before you start celebrating ‘living’?

Here are three good reasons to hire a band for your 40th

1. Collect memories, not things

When people are faced with the misfortune of losing all of their possessions in a fire or some other disaster, the common thing people try to salvage ahead of everything else are photographs. The simple explanation for this is that photographs encapsulate memories. It’s become a cliche, but “things” don’t bring happiness. It’s those happy experiences and memories that fulfil us.

Hiring a great live band for your party will make those memories ‘exceptional‘, ahead of being just ‘good’.

2. Give back to your friends and family, who support you in your life

As we mature as people, we grow to learn that there is more happiness to be gained from giving than from receiving. Your wife/husband/partner will ask, “What do you want for your birthday?” and often the response is, “nothing… I’ve already got everything I want”.

Think of a 40th birthday party as an opportunity to give a collective gift to all of your friends and family. Give them a great time filled with fun memories. In the process, you’ll have an absolute blast.

Having a great band playing will be that extra thing that will make your party a stand-out, and set the benchmark for other friends and family who may be planning on holding a party.

3. Take some time out of your busy life to have some FUN!

Hiring a band is something you may only ever do once or twice in your life. Most people will never hire a band, usually because they are scared to spend the money.

If life is about balance, and you work hard, then logically you should balance this out with ‘partying hard’.

The thing that differentiates a band from a DJ is the energy and ‘vibe’ they bring into a room. It’s the element of fun which will transform your party from a bunch of people standing around trying to make conversation for five hours , to a roomful of people who usually never dance but on this night won’t be able to resist in joining in. The atmosphere created by a live band will be the element your guests will be still talking about when your 50th comes around.

should i hire a band for my 40th birthday party?


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