Live Band For Wedding, Sydney

Live Band For Wedding, Sydney

Weddings should be one of the most memorable events in people’s lives, yet it’s easier than you think for a wedding to be forgettable and boring.

My perspective of weddings is from the viewpoint of an entertainer, musician and band-leader. Occasionally I also double up as an MC and DJ. I have performed at well over one thousand weddings, so there isn’t much I haven’t seen.

A live band at a wedding is no longer seen as essential, and is considered a luxury in this day and age. A DJ will cost probably about a fifth of what you’d pay for a quality live band, and an ipod is free.

So, Why Hire A Live Band For Your Wedding

Knowing the contribution my band makes to an event such as a wedding is obvious for me. I see it on the night and I get the “thank you” letters to back up what I see on the night. The difference between my band and a DJ is the relationship we forge throughout the event with the guests.

“I Want To Have A Relationship With My Audience”

I once read this quote in a newspaper interview with caberet singer and entertainer, David Campbell. I first I thought the comment was ridiculous, but later I adopted it as my own mantra whenever performing at events such as wedding receptions.

It’s All About The Connection

Ultimately, the difference between a DJ and a great live band is the connection between the entertainer and the guests. I have been honing my skills in connecting with an audience for over twenty years.

Playing At A Function Is Totally Different To Playing A Public Gig

The difference between playing at a public bar and playing at a function is the fact that you have a captive audience for usually a minimum of 5 hours.

“It’s A Bit Like Going On A Date”

If you go on a dinner date, you’re probably not going to be making out before you have dinner. Maybe there’ll be a little bit of kissing if the circumstances are right, but even then that’s merely a prelude for what will come later. There’s going to be conversation over dinner. This is where connection and rapport builds. If this rapport and connection builds slowly and surely, then one thing will lead to another.

That’s What We Do With The Band

I believe that it’s by performing live music throughout pre-dinner drinks and then dinner that builds the foundation for guests to find that dancing is irresistible later in the night. It’s all about slowly increasing the intensity in small increments over an extended.

Here Are Some Recently “Thank You” Letters We Have Received

thank you letter from jacqui and kieran__small

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