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How To Have a Great Wedding Reception

How to Have a Great Wedding Reception

There’s an old saying…

  1. I hear -I forget
  2. I see – I remember
  3. I do – I know

This principle applies to wedding receptions. If you want a truly memorable wedding reception, then the secret is to concentrate on principles number 2 & 3.


Nothing kills the vibe at a wedding reception more than long speeches. If actions speak louder than words, then the fact that the couple have just married each other is testament to the love they share. What more really needs to be said?

Of course, it’s important to thank people such as parents and guests that have traveled along way, but for the people to get up and try their hand at doing stand-up comedy is really self indulgent and unnecessary, and … usually forgettable. But, worse than that, it cuts into valuable dancing time.


If it is the physical action of  doing something that we remember the most, then the most basic physical action at a wedding is dancing. Maximising the dancing means you will be maximising the memory people will have of your wedding reception. For a truly memorable celebration, lots of dancing is the key, for it’s what we do physically that we remember the most.

Now… if what we see, we remember (number 2 on the list above), then if we can combine dancing with seeing something (such as a band of musicians performing), will will have even more intense memories. This is where a great band will make your wedding far more memorable than a DJ. A band contributes a visual factor far more compelling than a guy standing behind a DJ console.

Engagement and connection

I’ve played at over two thousand weddings, and the secret is simple – engagement and connection. I once read an interview with David Campbell, the renowned caberet performer. One of the things he said was, “I want to have a relationship with my audience”. This sums up my role as a wedding singer. My aim is always to make the wedding reception as memorable as possible. It is imperative that I connect with the guests. My role is to pick the right songs to play at the right time, and to keep the performance engaging and visual.

The fact that our repertoire is enormous is one of our secrets to success. Considering that ages of guests at weddings are usually between 18 and 80, having songs that will connect with all age groups is a major advantage.

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