hiring a wedding band

Hiring A Band For Your Wedding Reception

Hiring A Band For Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to weddings, I’m never at the paying end, but from what I’ve heard, they can get really expensive.

The list of things you have to pay for can include;

  • Venue
  • Food
  • Alcohol/Beverages
  • The dress
  • The cars
  • The flowers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Table Cloths and Covers
  • Room Styling
  • Etc
So, where does entertainment sit on your list?

Most people will consider hiring a photographer as vital to their wedding day. What a photographer does is to capture the memories of the day into pictures, so that you can always look back and reignite those memories from the day.

So… if a photographer capturing the memories is a priority, what about the importance of creating those memories?

With regards to music, most  people will hire a DJ for their wedding reception. It’s a cheap and easy option. A DJ will have thousands of songs at his/her disposal and will usually work off a list of requests from the bride and groom. Maybe they will also supply some coloured lights, but there is no other visual element. This isn’t really “entertainment”, because a person standing behind a table with a laptop and some decks isn’t doing anything that connects with people.

Alternatively, a live band has a visual element that can never be matched by a DJ. They real people creating music in a live atmosphere. If the band is good, they will connect with guests in a way that no DJ can. This then creates memories that will stay with people for many years.

How often do we hear recorded music being played?
  • When I go to Westfields (or any other shopping centre), every shop is playing their own music playlist.
  • When I drive in my car, I can select music from dozens of radio stations, or plug in my own ipod.
  • When I turn on the TV, there is music in the shows I watch and the commercials that come on.
  • If I travel on public transport, half the people are wearing headphones, creating their own soundtrack to their lives.
Do you want your wedding reception to be just another day in people’s lives, or do you want it to be special, memorable and extraordinary?

If you consider how often most people actually see live music performed each year, you could probably count them using the fingers on one hand. It is not something typical in most people’s lives. This is exactly the reason it make hiring a band for a wedding reception such a vital component in making the event memorable.

I once played at a wedding, and during the event I asked the groom why he had hired us. His response I will never forget. He said he had read a whole lot of reviews of  weddings,  written by bride’s and grooms. He discovered one common regret that kept newly-weds wrote about their weddings. The regret was NOT hiring a good band. He then made it his mission to find the best band available in Sydney. He hired us and considered doing so as the key element that “made” his wedding.

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