Do I Really Need Any Speeches At My Wedding Reception?

Do I Really Need Any Speeches At My Wedding Reception?

On the October long-weekend we played at two weddings. The unusual thing with both weddings were the absence of speeches. I’ve played at an abundance of weddings and have seen many variations of what makes a truly memorable reception. It’s rare to see people skip speeches as part of their reception, but having observed this twice in one weekend, I now think it’s an excellent option to consider.


On the Saturday, we played at David and Kelly’s wedding reception.

sydney wedding band
Selfie with David and Kelly

On Sunday, we played at Gary and Cara’s wedding reception.

Sydney Wedding Band
Selfie with Gary and Cara


Both wedding receptions actually had two things in common.  Firstly, neither wedding reception had any speeches. Secondly, they were both held at surf clubs on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

David and Kelly had their ceremony and reception at South Curl Curl Surf Club, while Gary and Cara had their ceremony and reception at Narrabeen Surf Club.

David and Kelly – South Curl Curl Surf Club

David and Kelly had their ceremony on the balcony of the surf club overlooking Curl Curl Beach. Immediately after they were pronounced ‘man and wife’, they had about twenty minutes of informal speeches. The reception then followed straight after these, inside the surf club.

The reception was a cocktail-style affair with a relaxed ambiance.  David and Kelly did their bridal dance to the second song we played. This encouraged their guests to dance which they did throughout our first set. Dinner was served about an hour into the reception, so we pulled back the intensity of the music to allow for eating and dinner conversation. After guests had eaten, the party really got going! Without the interruption of speeches we played solidly, performing five sets over the five hour reception.

Gary and Cara – Narrabeen Surf Club

Gary and Cara’s ceremony was outdoors on the grass area between the club house and the beach. Celebratory drinks were served immediately following the ceremony. During these drinks, we played in our roving acoustic format.

Here is a clip of us playing during this part of the reception

Dinner was then served inside the surf club which was followed by dancing. There were no speeches and there was no bridal dance. Often, guests won’t dance until after the ‘bridal dance’, but this was not the case with Gary and Cara’s guests. Everyone danced with very little encouragement. They were a very receptive crowd. Gary and Cara did actually dance. They simply chose not to do a formal bridal dance.

Planning Your Wedding – Do What You Want

I’ve played at hundreds of weddings. My one word of advice is…

Do what you want and do it your own way.

There are no rules when planning your wedding. If you are not into speeches, don’t have any. If you really don’t want to do a bridal dance, then don’t. If you want something informal, book a surf club. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on flowers or theming, then don’t.



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  1. Nice article. Speeches are important but if the bride and groom do not want them, then they should not be part of the day.

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