Covid-19 Parties – Live Music In Your Lounge Room

At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, I was disheartened with the cancellation of all my gigs. It was suggested to me that performing live music was still possible, but it needed to be moved to an online platform. It was possible for me to perform live from my lounge room and broadcast to the world. How exciting!

I signed up for the Zoom app. This app also works well for giving online tuition (I teach trombone and trumpet). The paid version of the app enables me to broadcast to up to one hundred people. Other platforms are available, but I decided to go with using Zoom.


Performing In Other People’s Lounge Rooms

Last Saturday, I performed in someone else’s lounge room. The amended lock-down laws allowed you to have up to five people to visit your home. The person hosting the party invited four friends. Adding me made up the quota of five. Other friends who couldn’t be physically present were still able to join the party through using the Zoom app. I didn’t count, but there seemed to be between twenty and thirty people who tuned in. This included people located overseas.

live music at covid-19 party

Coronavirus numbers in Australia keep dropping, but we are still several months away from people being allowed to have full-scaled parties. Add to this the economic depression we are in. Many of us have had a substantial drop in income. Being able to afford hiring a live band will be a luxury for quite a while, yet.

Live In Your Lounge Room

The solution I am offering are lounge room concerts. As a solo artist, I can play a lot of songs and I can perform in numerous styles. So, why not have a party with a handful of friends. Let’s face it… you won’t be going overseas any time soon, so relax and have fun at home! I’ll make sure you have a fantastic party, regardless of your numbers.

Here’s a link to my You Tube Channel

Here’s a link to my Covid-19 song-a-day project