Band Still Available For Friday Night Christmas Party In Sydney

Band Still Available For Your Friday Night Christmas Party

For some strange reason, my band is still available on 3 x Friday nights in December, 2017. This is most unusual. Typically, Friday nights in December book out months in advance, but… Slide McBride (the band) is still available for your Friday night Christmas Party.

The three Friday nights in December 2017 that we are still available for include;

  • Friday, 8th December
  • Friday, 15th December
  • Friday, 22nd December

Freshwater Surf Club

The band has been playing at quite a few Corporate functions of late. Clients include;

  • The law firm, IPH – function held at Sydney Town Hall
  • Castol Australia – function held at the Novotel, Parramatta
  • Forensic and solvency accountancy firm, Worrells – held at The Gibralter Hotel, Bowral

Forthcoming corporate bookings include;

  • BT Investment Management Christmas Party – to be held at Kittyhawk in the Sydney CBD
  • Global Orthopedic Technology Christmas Party – to be held at Cafe Morso, Pyrmont
  • Aldi Stores Christmas Party – to be held at Surly’s American Bar, Surry Hills

Why book Slide McBride For Your Christmas Party?

Typically, people attending work Christmas parties have a diverse range of ages. There are the young twenty-year-olds, but also the more mature fifty-year-olds. The band, Slide McBride will appeal to this broad range of ages, and this is the key to all age groups feeling included and everyone having a great time.

Read some of the band’s Corporate Testimonials –

The key to appealing to a broad range of ages is in the band’s repertoire of songs. Primarily, there are lots of “classics” in the song list, but also included are more recent hits. Songs such as “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Proud Mary” are always winners with any audience, but the recent inclusion of Calvin Harris’s “Feels” has been a popular addition.

Have a look at the band’s repertoire –

Having a great song list is imperative, but it’s Slide McBride’s charisma and energy that really differentiates the band from your typical function band. Gregarious singer, Slide McBride connects with his audience, and this is really what sets this band apart from other bands.

If you’d like to include a sassy female singer into the band, Slide’s daughter Beatrice adds an extra dynamic.

To make an inquiry, contact Slide McBride via email –

Otherwise, give Slide McBride a call – Tel: 0415 104 238

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The Professional Band For Professional People

Sydney Wedding Bands

Wedding band, live band - Slide McBride - Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Wedding Bands

Get out your phone, tablet or computer, go to Google and search for “Sydney Wedding Bands”. The result will show page upon page of bands spruiking themselves as being “Sydney’s Premier Wedding Band”. The impression it gives is that every musician and singer wants to play in a wedding band, yet it wasn’t that long ago that bands were embarrassed to categorise themselves as a “wedding band”.

Musicians used to view playing in a wedding band as a sign of failure. A classic thing you would hear musicians say was, “Yeah, I’m just playing a few weddings until my original project takes off”. The focus and ambition used to be to play the music you believed in and thought would make you famous. Nowadays, the ambition seems to be playing cover versions of Ed Sherin and Justin Beiber songs, along with a few classic disco songs from the 70’s.

What Happened To The Dream?

The dream used to be sex and drugs and rock and roll. What happened? Now the dream seems to be white dresses, reception venues and wedding cake.

The dream used to be touring the world and smashing up hotel rooms. Now the dream seems to be keeping the wedding planner happy, getting some free drinks and hopefully a bread roll with your ‘crew meal’.

The dream used to be getting laid by one or more groupies after the gig. Now the dream seems to be exchanging business cards with the photographer, catching up with some musicians you haven’t worked with in a while and maybe getting some of the left over flowers to take home to your wife or girlfriend.

My Personal Wedding Story

Being born with the surname “McBride”, it seems like it’s  always been my destiny to play at weddings. I don’t know anyone who has played more weddings than I have. Over the years I’ve seen many changes to what is a typical wedding reception. I’ve also seen venues come and go, photography change from analog to digital and photobooths become a “must have” addition to the night. I’ve seen many changes, but I never anticipated how competitive it would become to get couples to hire you to play at their wedding.

The Wedding “Industry”

About fifteen years ago, I first started seeing the term “wedding industry”. I’ve never been fond of the term, but the harsh reality is that the business of weddings is seen as a recession-proof cash-cow. Young couples are happy to blow tens of thousands of dollars on one day. Wedding industry suppliers are all vying for a piece of this.

Wedding Planning By “Google”

Meanwhile, the inexperienced young couples open up their phone or laptop and put their wedding planning in the hands of Google. Whichever businesses have the biggest budget to spend on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will appear on Google’s ‘page one’ and will be front runners for a booking. It’s a sign of the times that Google has such a strong influence on weddings. Consider that I’ve heard hundreds of wedding speeches, and what is very common is hearing, “I wasn’t sure what I should say in my speech, so I went to Google…”. I wouldn’t be surprise if young couples are consulting with Google about consummating their wedding.

The New Dream

The old dream used to be having a top 10 hit with an accompanying video clip.  The new dream is about making page one on Google for the search term “Sydney Wedding Band”. My song writing has been replaced by working on and optimising my website.

Yes, I’ve only gotten better at making weddings totally memorable with my band, but without the credibility of Google I have no apparent value.

Photo courtesy of Milton Gan Photography -
Photo courtesy of Milton Gan Photography –


Live Band Performance Tips – Competing With Mobile Phones

Live Band Performance Tips –

How To Compete With Mobile Phones

A couple of months ago I went to see Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, “Hateful Eight”. Tarantino’s film is a conceptual experience designed to give the movie-goer an experience similar to seeing a film at the cinema in the late 50’s/early 60’s. Two notable parts of the experience were (i) that the film was in two parts (with an interval in between), and (ii) there was a musical overture prior to each of these two sections.

The Experience

I had my “cinematic experience” at the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne. Another notable part of the experience was that there was no advertising or film trailers prior to “Hateful Eight”. Instead, a massive organ came up out of the floor and we were entertained by the masterful musician, Neil Jensen, a true maestro of the organ.

For those who don’t know much about organ playing, the amazing thing is that an organist uses four limbs simultaneously, that is two hands and two feet. The left foot is playing the bass lines. The right foot is controlling volume swells. The left hand is playing chords. The right hand is playing melodies. On top of this, hands are darting up and making changes to instrument and sound selections.

Being a musician, I was mesmerised. This is multi-tasking on steroids! The brain is being split into four parts. It’s like a four musicians coming out of one human brain.

In between being mesmerised by the organist’s performance, I looked around the cinema to see if people were as in awe as I was. I was shocked and dismayed to see that approximately half the cinema’s patrons had their phones out and were (I guess) either texting, checking emails or were on Facebook.

The Message

This brought home a very clear message to me. If you are giving a musical performance, you can’t afford to be static. The number one aim must be to be engaging. Also, sitting down during one’s performance is something to avoided at all costs. Something I am wtnessing more and more of is younger singers not only performing seated, but also using an ipad (which has become a replacement for the music stand and song book).  I am appalled. How do you expect to engage an audience sitting down and staring at an ipad? This is simply laziness on behalf of the singer, and shows contempt for the audience. We wouldn’t accept going to the theatre and watching the actors walking around with a script in hand, so don’t bring this lame practice to the band-stand unless you want your audience ignoring you and playing on their phones.

No iphones here – These 2 photographs courtesy of Dean Dampney – CloudFace

Sydney Wedding Band
Photo courtesy of Dean Dampney from CloudFace Photography


Sydney Wedding Band
Photo courtesy of Dean Dampney from CloudFace Photography

These two photographs are courtesy of Dean Dampney from CloudFace Photography

For more details on Dean Dampney and CloudFace, go to


The Death Of Live Bands In Sydney – The Hidden Cause

The Death Of Live Bands In Sydney – The Hidden Cause

The Sydney live music scene is nothing to what it once was. The scene was once vibrant and thriving, but these days the opportunity to see bands performing live has become rare.

Why is this?

Is it because of…

  • Poker machines in pubs?
  • Restrictive licensing laws?
  • Strict laws for the responsible service of alcohol?

While I agree that these 3 factors  have made contributions to the demise of the Sydney live music scene, I will demonstrate in this article that the real reason is  Sydney’s addiction to coffee.

Let’s go back in the Slide McBride Time Machine to the 1980’s, when Sydney’s live music scene was in it’s heyday. Band’s careers were fostered from a consistency of being able to play five nights per week. The Angels, The Divinyls, Mental As Anything, Misex, The Hoodoo Gurus and Midnight Oil were all playing gigs from Tuesday through to Sunday. The Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘gig guide’ would list around 70 bands playing around town at the many venues that offered live entertainment. Original bands, cover bands, jazz bands and even bush bands kept Sydney entertained through these Golden Years of Entertainment.

Sydney’s Coffee Addiction

This is hard for today’s generation to fathom, but coffee used to be a late night/evening drink rather than an early morning pick-me-up. If you went to see a band, movie or show you went out for coffee afterwards, at 11pm. For example, back in my student days, I played in a band every Friday night at the Victoria Hotel, Annandale. Typically, friends would come and see the band and then after the gig we’d all go up to Newtown for coffee. We’d sit around drinking coffee until 1am, then go off home to bed (and to sleep).

Oh, how times have changed…

Nowadays, every morning you see the majority of Sydney supping on their caffeine addiction. It’s become the modern day heart-starter, but good luck if you want to get a coffee after 3pm. The barista will look at you like you are a freak and say, “Sorry, we’ve turned the machine off”.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Coffee is a stimulant. That’s why we all love drinking it so much. In the morning, everyone’s powering along from that buzz they got from their latte, flat white or long black. Subsequently, when the evening comes we’re all feeling a little tired. The majority of people are fading in the evenings because they’re coming down from their morning coffee high. The consequence of all this is that in the mornings, you may be saying, “let’s go out tonight”, but once  home from work it becomes, “I’m feeling a bit tired and I have to work again tomorrow”.

This is the real cause of the death of the Sydney live music scene.

My band plays at the Woollahra Hotel one Thursday night each month. The band plays from7:30pm until 10:30pm. You could hardly call this a late finish, yet the common thing I hear from people is, “Oh, it’s a bit late for a week night”.

Come on Sydney!

Get the monkey off your back and start living again. Let’s put  pressure on the baristas of this town to keep their espresso machines running into the afternoons and evenings. Use the buzz you get from coffee to energise your social life rather than your working life! No more morning coffees. From now on, only drink coffee AFTER 3pm.

The Death Of Live Bands In Sydney - The Hidden Cause
Long Black To Go


Same Sex Marriage and Band Hire

Same Sex Marriage and Band Hire

Last Saturday night we played at a post wedding celebration for Daniel and Damon. There wedding was in New York, U.S.A. last year. Obviously, the wedding was wasn’t in Australia, because that can’t happen here, yet.

Same sex marriage after party

Damon (one of the grooms) is from America. Daniel (the other groom) is Australian. The party was at Icebergs at Bondi Beach. It was a cocktail styled function (a particular format of which I am a big fan). Cocktail style styled functions are wonderful because guests aren’t stuck sitting between two people for half the night. They are free to mingle and move around. The ambiance is far more relaxed. Also, generally people tend to dance more at this type of function.

Icebergs, Bondi Beach

While we have never played at a same sex “wedding“, we have played at three same sex “commitment ceremonies”. These have been exactly like weddings, except that Australian Law doesn’t recognise the marriage as being legal.

I am mostly extremely proud to be Australian, but I must admit a little embarrassment that Australia is so far behind so many other countries around the world when it comes to marriage equality. Hopefully, our country’s leaders with cease stalling on this matter.

In an era where marriage has moved away from the old notion of “until death do us part”, and become more like a “legal partnership”, the current government’s procrastination on this matter is antiquated to say the least.

For your information, here is a list of countries that recognise same sex marriages;

Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Uruguay

To read more about same sex marriages, you might like to click on these links;

And finally… here’s some footage from the night!

Memorable Events – How Hiring A Band Can Help

should i hire a band for my 40th

Memorable Events – How Hiring a Band Can Help

Our lives are made up of memories. The more amazing they are, the better our lives have been.

Last week I drove past The Albion Park Aerodrome (just south of Wollongong). I had a flash back to the only time in my life that I have ever been up in a small four-seater light aeroplane.
A family friend (who I used to call Uncle John) had a passion for flying and had a licence to fly light aircraft. As a treat one day, he took his his son, my brother and me up for about an hour flying over the Illawarra District. I must have been around 11 or 12 years of age, yet the memory is still strong in my mind. And, every time I drive south along Princes Highway and go past the little Albion Park Aerodrome, I recall the experience. That was a long times ago, but it’s a memory that I always remember and cherish. ‘Uncle John’ died about twenty years ago, and his son has also recently passed away, yet the memory of that hour long flight remains with me.
Similarly, whenever I play with my band at a function, whether it be a wedding, birthday party or ball, I am aware of how significant these special events are in people’s lives. These are occasions and milestones that always stay with us, so it’s important to make sure you remember them as exceptional experiences and not as regrets.
At almost every function we play at, the organiser  has employed a photographer. They are there to capture the ‘memories’ in photographs. We (the band) are there to create the memories. The guys in my band are sick of hearing me say this, as it’s become my mantra whenever playing at private functions…

“Come on guys, let’s create some memories!”

Memorable Events - How Hiring A Band Can Help


Memorable Events - How Hiring A Band Can Help
Party time!

Long Reef Golf Club – What’s The Best Band To Hire?

Long Reef Golf Club – What’s The Best Band To Hire?

Long Reef Golf Club - What's The Best Band To Hire?
Slide McBride playing at Long Reef Golf Club


Maybe you have made a booking to hold your event, function or wedding reception at Long Reef Golf Club and now you are pondering on what’s the best band to hire for this venue.  We love playing at Long Reef Golf Club, Collaroy, and these are three reasons that come straight to mind.

1. The people who run the events are so amazing

You can meet “nice, friendly” people every day, but when you encounter “nice, friendly” people who are fantastic at their job and are totally switched on to you needs, then that takes things to a completely different level. Toni, Chantelle and Alex are exceptional at what they do. “Passion” is one thing, but professionalism and attention to detail take things to a completely different level. Follow this link to read more, from the Long Reef Golf Club website –

2. It’s such a cracking location

Going to the Northern Beaches is like visiting a different country. The area offers something unique to the rest of Sydney. It’s a whole “vibe” thing. The sea, the surf and the area’s separation contribute to this, but more than anything, it’s the people. They are relaxed and chilled but also friendly and approachable. In addition, they are also cultured and intelligent. These traits translate through the staff at Long Reef Golf Club. It extends through from the event-sales staff right through to the bar and wait staff.

3. The venue’s layout enables us to demonstrate our full versatility

We (the band) can play in so many different formats, but at Long Reef Golf Club, we can really show off our full versatility. We can play outdoors in our roving acoustic format. We can also play outdoors with amplification which works so well in the summer when the afternoons are so long. When we play inside, it is possible for us to do two separate set-ups. We can play relaxed dinner music with a cut-down version of using amplifiers. We can then crank things up in the annexed room with the wooden dance floor.

We have quite a bit of footage of the band playing at Long Reef Golf Club – some indoors and some outdoors. Please take a look…



Best Band To Hire For Event at Zest, The Spit

Best Band To Hire For Event at Zest, The Spit

Maybe you are wondering, “Who would be the best band to hire for my forthcoming event at Zest, The Spit”? I have had a long association with Zest at the Spit. My band actually played at the opening of this venue. We always relish the opportunity to play there. It’s a superb venue and here are the three things that make it so;

  1. Their food
  2. Their service
  3. The location


If you hire a band, photographer, videographer or professional MC, it is expected that you supply these people with a “service meal” or “crew meal”. This is typically a main course. Therefore, whenever we play at Zest, we get a sample of the menu. So when I write here that the food at Zest is superb, I am writing from my experiences. In addition to this, anyone who make a comments on Zest always rave about how good the food is.


I have played at pretty much every venue in Sydney, and I have witnessed plenty of substandard service. Some venues will use “agency staff”, which usually equates to backpackers on holiday trying to earn a few dollars before the go scuba diving in Cairns. Needless to say, their attitude and effort leave much to be desired. In complete contract, the staff at Zest are totally professional. They are quick, friendly and attentive and… they actually smile.


The Spit is a gorgeous location, and Zest makes perfect use of this harbour backdrop. Pre-dinner drinks are typically held outside on the balcony. Guests can mingle with the ambiance of water and boats, and with stunning views across to Clontarf. The decor of the room is modern and contemporary.

My band specialises in playing at events for between 50 and 150 people where we set up on the floor and become a focus point for the party. A venue such as Zest, The Spit is perfect for what we do. We can play outside on the balcony (in our roving acoustic format). We can also play in this format in the bar area next door to the dining room. We can play throughout dinner at an intensity where people can still comfortably hold a conversation. After dinner, we can cause a commotion to get your gets into motion and inspire them to dance the rest of the evening away.

Best Band To Hire For Event at Zest, The Spit
Singing During Dinner at Zest, The Spit

For more on Zest at The Spit, check out their website –

Best Band To Hire For ‘View By Sydney’

hire a band

Best Band To Hire For ‘View By Sydney’

One of my favourite venues in Sydney has just been rebranded. It is now called “View By Sydney”.

I have had a long association with this venue under various names and incarnations. Initially the venue was Ottoman Cuisine. It was an exceptional Turkish restaurant owned by chef, Serif Kaya. He was commuting from Canberra but tired from the long drive to work.

Next, it became The Wharf at Pier 2. This was a re-location of the Wharf Restaurant from it’s original location at the end of piers 4 & 5 (The Sydney Theatre Company). Their lease came up for renewal and the people on the board of the Sydney Theatre Company wanted their space back. The end of their lease coincided with Serif Kaya wanting to stay in Canberra, so Serif leased out the restaurant space and it became The Wharf at Pier 2.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. The Wharf at Pier 2 went into receivership and the lease was taken over by The Dede’s Group. They have a few restaurants around Sydney’s waterfront, including Dede’s (at The Sydney Rowing Club, Abbotsford)  and Deckhouse (in Woolwich).  Originally, the restaurant was called Dedes On The Wharf, but Dede’s Group has now re-branded the restaurant as ‘View By Sydney’.

Enough on history, what about the space?

The restaurant is in a great part of town. Situated at Dawe’s Point near the based of the Harbour Bridge, it’s close to the CBD,  has exquisite views of the harbour yet there is  plenty of parking. The room will comfortably sit 150 for dinner. Naturally, they can accommodate larger and small groups, but 150 people is comfortable.

For pre-dinner drinks, they have an outdoor area that looks across the harbour to Lavender Bay and the Harbour Bridge. There are wharves adjacent, so you have the option of using a ferry or water taxi as your means of transport. If you use this outdoor space for your pre-dinner drinks, the band can start off in our roving acoustic mode.

The space for the band to set up inside is small but completely adequate for my four piece band. The venue will lay a dance floor in front of where the band sets up, which is usually the northern corner of the room.

Best Band To Hire For 'View By Sydney'
Guests dancing


Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?

slide mcbride

Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?

You were born 39 years ago, and the big ‘FOUR-O’ is rapidly approaching. You ask yourself, “Should I Hire A Band For My 40th Birthday Party ?”

As someone who has played at dozens of 40th’s, it’s a ‘no-brainer’. How many times are you going to turn 40 in your life? Are you going to wait until your older (with less energy) before you start celebrating ‘living’?

Here are three good reasons to hire a band for your 40th

1. Collect memories, not things

When people are faced with the misfortune of losing all of their possessions in a fire or some other disaster, the common thing people try to salvage ahead of everything else are photographs. The simple explanation for this is that photographs encapsulate memories. It’s become a cliche, but “things” don’t bring happiness. It’s those happy experiences and memories that fulfil us.

Hiring a great live band for your party will make those memories ‘exceptional‘, ahead of being just ‘good’.

2. Give back to your friends and family, who support you in your life

As we mature as people, we grow to learn that there is more happiness to be gained from giving than from receiving. Your wife/husband/partner will ask, “What do you want for your birthday?” and often the response is, “nothing… I’ve already got everything I want”.

Think of a 40th birthday party as an opportunity to give a collective gift to all of your friends and family. Give them a great time filled with fun memories. In the process, you’ll have an absolute blast.

Having a great band playing will be that extra thing that will make your party a stand-out, and set the benchmark for other friends and family who may be planning on holding a party.

3. Take some time out of your busy life to have some FUN!

Hiring a band is something you may only ever do once or twice in your life. Most people will never hire a band, usually because they are scared to spend the money.

If life is about balance, and you work hard, then logically you should balance this out with ‘partying hard’.

The thing that differentiates a band from a DJ is the energy and ‘vibe’ they bring into a room. It’s the element of fun which will transform your party from a bunch of people standing around trying to make conversation for five hours , to a roomful of people who usually never dance but on this night won’t be able to resist in joining in. The atmosphere created by a live band will be the element your guests will be still talking about when your 50th comes around.

should i hire a band for my 40th birthday party?