Bridal Dance – Top 10 Song Choices

Bridal Dance –

Slide McBride
Bridal Dance

Top 10 Song Choices

Here is my top 10 list of song choices for the Bridal Dance

  1. At Last (made famous by Etta James)
  2. Love Is In The Air (made famous by John Paul Young)
  3. Let’s Stay Together (made famous by Al Green)
  4. It Had To Be You (made famous by Harry Connick Jnr)
  5. Thinking Out Loud (made famous by Ed Sheeran)
  6. Fly Me To The Moon (made famous by Tony Bennett)
  7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (made famous by Queen)
  8. Can’t Help Falling In Love  (made famous by Elvis Presley)
  9. Is This Love (made famous by Bob Marley)
  10. Moon River (made famous by Andy Williams)

At Last

“At Last”  is an old jazz standard that was transformed when Etta James belted out her iconic version of this song. When we play it, we give it a similar ‘bluesy’ treatment. It has a strong 12/8 pulse which makes it ideal for slow dancing.

Love Is In The Air 

“Love Is In The Air” is out of the ‘Vander and Young’ songbook and is the archetypal love song. Originally made famous by John Paul Young in the ’70’s, the song made a resurgence after being used in the movie, “Strictly Ballroom”. This is a great choice for a bridal dance if you want something light and fun, but with a strong beat that’s easy to dance to.

Let’s Stay Together

“Let’s Stay Together” is a song that never seems to lose popularity as a choice for the bridal dance. It’s a sophisticated soul classic, made famous by Al Green in 1972. It was brought to the attention of a new generation by it’s inclusion in the movie, “Pulp Fiction”. We play a similar version to  Al Green, utilising the same arrangement and brass line.

It Had To Be You

“It Had To Be You” is a very old song dating back to the 1920’s. Harry Connick Jnr gave it a new lease of life when it was included in the romantic comedy blockbuster, “When Harry Met Sally”. This is a timeless classic, regardless of who performs it. The vocals are cool and relaxed to sing, and the melody sits beautifully on the trombone.

Thinking Out Loud

“Thinking Out Loud” is a relatively recent song recorded by the young musical genius, Ed Sheeran. Harmonically simple, the phrasing of the lyrics is what really makes this such a sensational song. It sounds great with the full band, but also works very well with solo ukulele and vocals. If you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, but also something that’s slower and romantic, this song is a superb choice.

Fly Me To The Moon

Some songs just never age, and “Fly Me To The Moon” is truly a timeless classic. I’ll always remember watching Tony Bennett belt this one out unaccompanied and without a microphone in concert in Sydney. Frank Sinatra also did a quintessential version of this song. If your dance style is a swinging foxtrot, this will suit you perfectly.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This song was a sensation when released by Queen in the early 1980’s. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” has been recorded more recently by Michael Buble, who added his swinging, crooning style to the song. The song essentially has a swing feel to it, which can either translate into 1950’s rock’n’roll or else something a bit more ‘jazzy’. Our treatment is the same arrangement as the original Queen version. If you have been learning to jive, this will suit your purposes perfectly.

Can’t Help Falling In Love

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” was originally recorded by Elvis Presley but was given a revamp in the early ’90’s by UB40 with their ska/reggae version. The song actually works well in a variety of styles, whether that be 12/8 (like the original Elvis version), reggae (like the UB40 version) or even with a laid back funk groove. We play the song in all the above mentioned styles depending on the mood, or the taste of the bride and groom.

Is This Love

“Is This Love” is another timeless classic, but this time from the 1970’s. This exemplary love song was originally recorded by Bob Marley and the Wailers and is iconic to this band and to reggae music. The traditional reggae ‘skank’ (i.e. strong accents on the second and fourth beat of each bar) makes this song particularly easy to dance to.

Moon River

“Moon River” is from the pen of Henry Mancini and was written for the film, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” which established Audrey Hepburn as a superstar actress. The song is actually in 3/4 and is what is described as a ‘jazz waltz’. The ‘bridal dance’ was originally called, the’ bridal waltz’ and was done to a ‘jazz waltz’. If you are into tradition and would like to do a ‘proper bridal waltz’, then you can’t go past this song. The tempo, phrasing and lyrics all make it perfect for this purpose.

Just Off My Top 10 Songs For The Bridal Dance

These songs just missed my “top 10” list;

  • Way You Look Tonight (made famous by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Michael Buble)
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (made famous by Frankie Valli and Andy Williams)
  • Everything (made famous by Michael Buble)
  • How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (made famous by James Taylor)
  • Save The Last Dance For Me (made famous by Dean Martin and Michael Buble)
  • Unforgettable (made famous by Nat ‘King’ Cole)
  • Sway (made famous by Dean Martin and Michael Buble)
  • Better Together (made famous by Jack Johnson)
  • All of Me (made famous by John Legend)
  • Perfect (new song from Ed Sheeran)

Slide McBride performing “At Last”

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