Best Band To Hire For An Event at Dunbar House

Best Band To Hire For An Event at Dunbar House

Maybe you have just booked Dunbar House in Watsons Bay, Sydney for your event or function.  As a singer and musician who has played EVERYWHERE, Dunbar House is one of my favourite venues in Sydney, so I congratulate you on your choice, but… what is the best band to hire for an event at Dunbar House?

Three questions may arise, such as (i) how does work? (ii) what bands would be appropriate? or (iii) how would they fit into the space.

I have played at Dunbar House approximately forty times. From my vast range of experiences, I know the venue extremely well, so let me share with you some insights.

The Balcony

Pre-dinner drinks are typically consumed out on the balcony. This makes perfect sense because the view is magnificent. The balcony faces west, and guests can enjoy the glorious afternoon sunshine as they sip on drinks, eat canapes and watch the ferries roll in and out. We (the band) usually start off playing out on the balcony, which adds to the experience and adds an element of fun and anticipation. Amplified music is not permitted, so we play without electricity in our roving acoustic format. Here’s a clip of us doing this.

 The Bar Area

Usually (but not always) the band sets up with amplifiers in the bar area. This works well for two reasons;

1. The band can play throughout dinner without being intrusive on your guests’ conversation.

2. Once people start dancing, the space is conducive to setting a great “party vibe”.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, you may recall the party scene. This scene typifies those classic parties where everyone is packed in together and vibe is amazing. For the same reason, the bar area at Dunbar House is fantastic for when the party really gets going. Here’s a clip of us playing when the room is packed and pumping.

 Cocktail Style Events

Dunbar House is a superb venue for cocktail styled events (in other words, events without a seated meal service). I am a big fan of the cocktail style party, especially at Dunbar House.

When we perform at cocktail style events at Dunbar House, we usually set up at the opposite end of the room to the bar area. Typically, the bar area become the “chill out” room. Chairs and couches are arranged so that guests can take a break from the nucleus of the party. The balcony can also be used as an “escape” from the music and dancing.

Best Band To Hire For An Event at Dunbar House

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