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Slide McBride’s Mission Statement


My Purpose in life as a singer and musician is to enrich people’s lives. I do this by making significant events in people’s lives more memorable, simply by the making the party or wedding or celebration a whole lot more fun.

I specialize in dance music… but dance music from many different idioms of music from over the last hundred years – from ragtime to hip-hop.

What We Do That Makes Us The Best Live Band In Sydney

We are like no other band, not just in Sydney but world-wide.

What makes us unique is that we can play in so many different styles. This is a great asset when we play at weddings, Balls, birthday parties and corporate functions. This is because audiences at these type of events are always eclectic and made up of many different age groups.

Styles of music we cover include

  • funk

  • classic soul

  • old school rock

  • ragtime

  • jazz

  • current top 40

  • 70’s/80’s/90’s hits

  • Classic Hip Hop

  • latin/afro cuban

  • Rat Pack crooning classics

  • Laid back pop (with ukulele)

  • 1950’s rock’n’roll

  • 1920’s

  • New Orleans

Watch this overview of live footage of the band playing in many styles.


“Everyone is still raving about the band!”

This is the feedback I always hear whenever we perform at functions.

We are the most versatile band in Sydney. We are also fun, energetic, punctual and thoroughly professional in every way.

We are self-managed, so there are no middle-men or agents involved. You will be dealing directly with me, and I’m the guy who will be there on the night, singing, playing and making sure everything goes perfectly.

“Slide McBride” is my name and it is also the band name

About The Band - Slide McBride

I am the main singer and I also plays trombone, trumpet, ukulele, bass guitar (on some songs) and the harmonica.

About The Band - Slide McBride

About the band…

With me are;

Rod McFarland on acoustic bass, electric bass and vocals.

About The Band - Slide McBride

Blake Keep on guitar and saxophone (on some songs).

About The Band - Slide McBride

Cameron Gregory on drums and vocals.

About The Band - Slide McBride


The band was formed in 1988. The original intention of the band was to play jazz music. Over the years, the necessity of playing more styles of music than just jazz music has led to the repertoire has become enormous and extremely diverse.

When I first started playing at weddings and functions, we would play our jazz but guests would come up to me and say, “what you are playing is great, but could you ‘jazz’ it up a bit”? This was confusing for me because we were playing ‘jazz’, but what I worked out was that they were actually asking if we could stop playing ‘jazz’ and play some pop and rock covers to get the party going. Once I worked this out, there was no holding us back!

People often ask me questions like, “What style of music do you like playing best”? The honest answer is that I love diversity and being able to play in many different styles on the same gig. All the different styles we play in have their unique challenges. Whether it’s the intellectual challenge of improvising in the jazz idiom, the physical challenge of belting out a rock song or the mental challenge of delivering some classic hip-hop without dropping a beat, one thing is guaranteed. That is that I’ll never get bored in playing at a wedding, party, ball, corporate event, or whatever the occasion should be.

To see our phenomenal song lists, please follow these two links…



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