About Hiring A Band

About Hiring A Band

Things that you should know…


Anyone that offers a band that can vary the number of band members is usually an agency that puts together musicians for single events.

Problems with this include;

1. You don’t know who you will get on the night.

2. You don’t know if you’ll get the “A” band, the “B” band or the “C” band (or even the “D” band).

3. Usually, there is no “band vibe” because the musicians don’t regularly work together.

4. Repertoire (song list) is limited by what the hired musicians collectively know.

5. You are usually dealing with a third party that won’t actually be at your function.

6. Agencies takes  substantial commissions. This means that the musicians get paid less, which may influence their attitude.

7. Your event ends up being more like a rehearsal than a band performance.

8. These bands tend to play 3 x 45 minute sets – ┬áthat’s all.

9. “Bands” put together by an agencies are generally less flexible to adapt to changes that may occur on the night.

10. If you go to a “showcase” evening and select a specific singer, please be aware that there may be a clause on your contract that allows the singer to pull out of performing at your event at late notice. The agency will then send along a singer that you have never met or heard before. This is more common than you think.

About Hiring A Band

About Hiring A Band

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