The Grounds, Alexandria – One of Sydney’s Best Wedding Venues

The Grounds, Alexandria

One of Sydney’s Best Wedding Venues

I recently had the pleasure of playing at a wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria. So many times I have driven past this place. Every time I am dumbfounded by the throngs of people streaming in for whatever it is this place has to offer. I was always intrigued by what could be so good about this place.

I did stop by one day for coffee and lunch. The Grounds definitely has a superb ambience, and the actual business ran like a well oiled machine. When a booking came in to play at a wedding reception at The Grounds, I wondered how this venue would translate for this type of celebration.

The wedding ceremony was held on site, although we did not play at this. We were only booked to ¬†played for the reception. This took place in a room called “The Atrium”.

I loved playing in this room. Here are three things that made playing in the Atrium a great experience.

1. Friendly, professional staff who understand the meaning of “hospitality”

We play at many venues around Sydney. Something I frequently encounter is “agency staff”. What I am referring to is casual hospitality staff supplied by agencies. Typically, these are people who may work once or twice a week as wait staff. Usually, these are students or back-packers making a bit of money to get them by. They are frequently tuned-out, look like they don’t really want to be there and rarely smile. In comparison, well established restaurants and reception venues hire full time hospitality professionals. These people have chosen hospitality as a career. They want to be there, and they want patrons to have a great experience. The staff at The Grounds all came across with this verve.

2. The theming is already done for you

Something I see more and more of is the use of theming specialists to prepare rooms/venues for wedding receptions. Usually, they hang a whole lot of stuff from the ceiling and on walls to create a “vibe”.

With the Atrium at The Grounds, this is already done for you. The room already looks amazing. Plants hang from the ceiling and the room has a lovely, rustic vibe. Straight away, you’ve saved between $3,000 – $6,000. One lass job to do, and a considerable expense spared.

3. The room has fantastic acoustics

The old wooden floorboards, and the timber walls gives the room sensational acoustics. Add to this all the hanging plants, it’s as if the room has been designed by an acoustic engineer. Some rooms are tough to play in, but The Atrium was a totally joy to work in.

For more information on The Atrium at The Grounds of Alexandria, please refer to their website –

The Grounds, Alexandria - One of Sydney's Best Wedding Venues
Dom and Susan at The Atrium, The Grounds, Alexandria


Moby’s at Whale Beach – Venue Review

Moby’s at Whale Beach – Venue Review

Going to the Northern Beaches of Sydney is like leaving Sydney altogether. The “vibe” of the district is nothing like the rest of Sydney. It has a tranquility unmatched. It’s as if such a high proportion of their population meditates and does yoga that the consciousness of the area has been taken to a higher plane.

The drive up to Moby’s at Whale Beach is long and arduous, but once you arrive it’s like the stress simply washes away, out into the Pacific Ocean. It’s as if each set of waves that roll in cleanses your soul, taking your consciousness into that Northern Beaches state of mind.

The staff at Moby’s are all “beautiful people”. It’s as if they have all been conceived by angels. They are friendly and relaxed, and they are tuned into making guests feel totally welcome.

The venue is perched high above Whale Beach. The windows face the ocean and give sweeping, breathtaking views. It’s one of those situations where the outlook is always amazing, regardless of the weather. It’s just the light and colours that vary, whether it be sunny, overcast or stormy.

Food and service at this venue is always of the highest standard. The staff are “chilled” but switched on – a great combination.

As a room to play in (as a band), it’s always a pleasure. It’s a grand, open space with wooden floors. This is particularly good for acoustic based music. The timber floor gives the music an added resonance. A quirky feature is the curved ceiling. This also assists with the acoustics of the room. Parallel surfaces create acoustical problems. The floor and ceiling at Moby’s aren’t parallel, therefore these problems are avoided, giving the room superb acoustic qualities.

Often, when we play at Moby’s, buses are organised to get people back into town. This is a good model to follow, as a taxi fare back into the city would be expensive.

moby's at whale beach - venue review