High Demand For Bland Something that fascinates me is the high demand for things that are bland. With so many options available to us, we still seem to gravitate towards the dull and the boring. The demand for blandness seems to have reached a new high. Car Colour I don’t understand the preoccupation people have… Read More

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Global Warming Assists Wedding Planning In Sydney Despite what governments try and tell us, it’s difficult to challenge global warming being a genuine issue facing the world. We’ve just had our hottest April on record. This follows the hottest March on record. Meanwhile, glaciers in arctic areas continue to melt away. It sounds daunting, but… Read More

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Sydney Wedding Bands Get out your phone, tablet or computer, go to Google and search for “Sydney Wedding Bands”. The result will show page upon page of bands spruiking themselves as being “Sydney’s Premier Wedding Band”. The impression it gives is that every musician and singer wants to play in a wedding band, yet it… Read More

Live Band Performance Tips – How To Compete With Mobile Phones A couple of months ago I went to see Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, “Hateful Eight”. Tarantino’s film is a conceptual experience designed to give the movie-goer an experience similar to seeing a film at the cinema in the late 50’s/early 60’s. Two notable parts of… Read More

The Death Of Live Bands In Sydney – The Hidden Cause The Sydney live music scene is nothing to what it once was. The scene was once vibrant and thriving, but these days the opportunity to see bands performing live has become rare. Why is this? Is it because of… Poker machines in pubs? Restrictive licensing… Read More

The Grounds, Alexandria One of Sydney’s Best Wedding Venues I recently had the pleasure of playing at a wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria. So many times I have driven past this place. Every time I am dumbfounded by the throngs of people streaming in for whatever it is this place has to offer. I… Read More

Top 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Party Is A Success Here are my top 5 tips to ensure that your party is successful. Find the right location Get the people there Give them plenty to eat and drink Avoid long speeches Provide great entertainment 1. Find The Right Location There is no right or… Read More

Bridal Dance – Top 10 Song Choices Here is my top 10 list of song choices for the Bridal Dance At Last (made famous by Etta James) Love Is In The Air (made famous by John Paul Young) Let’s Stay Together (made famous by Al Green) It Had To Be You (made famous by Harry… Read More

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What Is The Meaning Of Life ? This age old question has haunted humans since the dawn of time. Many have made conclusions. Here’s mine. The meaning of life is… To serve others. Here’s why. I have been a singer and musician for longer than I care to admit. I have seriously played a lot… Read More

Why Hire A Live Band For Wedding ? This week I took a band booking for a wedding next March. The bride-to-be was the person who called and booked us. This is a second-time wedding for this bride-to-be, which means she has already experienced the joys and woes of wedding planning. One of the regrets from… Read More