Marriage Equality- Yes, We Are Open For Business

Marriage Equality- Yes We Are Open For Business

The Slide McBride band would like to congratulate Australia for voting for marriage equality. The members of my band and my family anxiously anticipated the results from the marriage equality plebiscite and then as the bill passed the Upper and finally through the Lower House. It was a wonderful moment to know that the majority of Australians support the LGBTQI community and recognise that everyone has the right to marry the person that they love.

Same Sex Mariage

I have had the pleasure, throughout my career, prior to the passing of the marriage equality act, to have the honour of performing at many same-sex commitment ceremonies. It was privilege to witness the courage and commitment of same sex couples to openly commit to each despite the fact that they were being discriminated against by Australian law. It was evident to everyone present how much these people loved each other. It was also obvious how unfair and discriminatory the then marriage act was to the LGBTQI community.

The Slide McBride Band would like to say we support same-sex marriages and are excited to entertain and perform at many in the future. Congratulating to the LBTQI community and congratulations to Australia for supporting same sex marriage and equality.

Same Sex Marriage

The Slide McBride Band- Proud supporters of Marriage Equality.

Non discriminatory suppliers of great wedding entertainment

Using An Ipod Playlist For Your Wedding

Using An Ipod Playlist For Your Wedding

Using and Ipod playlist at your wedding reception seems like such a sensible option. You check out the option of hiring a band, and they all seem so expensive. You look into hiring a  DJ. They are so much cheaper, but then how do you know that they will actually play the songs you like? Why not consider doing it yourself? You know the songs you like. You have them all on your computer. Why pay money for someone else to play the songs you already have on you phone or Ipod? You pay $11.99 per month to Spotify, so why not simply make up your playlists on Spotify?

I have played (with my band) at a countless number of wedding receptions. The standard response I get from brides and grooms at the end of each and every wedding is, “Every one of our guests is talking about the band”, or “Wow, you guys really made the wedding so much fun”!

(To take  a look at the typical emails I have receive from brides and grooms, follow this link – )

I have heard people who have gone to a wedding make complementary remarks about the DJ, but

I have NEVER EVER heard anyone say, “The Ipod playlist was amazing”. 

I’m still waiting to hear, “The Ipod playlist had everyone up and dancing”.

I don’t ever expect to hear, “Their Ipod playlist made the night”.

This is what I have seen…

I have played at weddings where we (the band) finish playing and then the Ipod gets plugged into a speaker to keep the party going. What I usually see is this. A bossy drunk person decides that they know which songs will keep the party powering along. A few people will dance, but numbers on the dance floor will start dropping off. Then a different bossy drunk person with a different opinion will decide to take over. They will put on something “really cool” (which is generally something totally weird and off-beat).  Half a song is played before the next person decides to get involved in the choice of songs. It becomes the battle of the drunk amateur DJ’s. By this stage, I’ve packed up my gear and hastily exit the party. 

Contempt For Your Guests

Using an Ipod playlist is cheap and is ultimately the most contemptuous act of indifference to your guests that you can make. If you consider the effort some of your guests have made to get to your wedding, using an Ipod playlist is a disgrace. Typically, some people will have travelled from overseas. Other will have come from interstate. You have asked them to share with you one of the most significant days of your life.  The least you can do in return is to give your guests some half-decent entertainment. Think of it as a gift back to the people you love and have asked to share the day with you.

Your Thoughts

Ask around. If you have (or if you know of someone who has) ever been to a wedding reception or party where the Ipod playlist has been amazing and MADE the party, I want to hear about it. Please post a comment and share your story with me.


Band Still Available For Friday Night Christmas Party In Sydney

Band Still Available For Your Friday Night Christmas Party

For some strange reason, my band is still available on 3 x Friday nights in December, 2017. This is most unusual. Typically, Friday nights in December book out months in advance, but… Slide McBride (the band) is still available for your Friday night Christmas Party.

The three Friday nights in December 2017 that we are still available for include;

  • Friday, 8th December
  • Friday, 15th December
  • Friday, 22nd December

Freshwater Surf Club

The band has been playing at quite a few Corporate functions of late. Clients include;

  • The law firm, IPH – function held at Sydney Town Hall
  • Castol Australia – function held at the Novotel, Parramatta
  • Forensic and solvency accountancy firm, Worrells – held at The Gibralter Hotel, Bowral

Forthcoming corporate bookings include;

  • BT Investment Management Christmas Party – to be held at Kittyhawk in the Sydney CBD
  • Global Orthopedic Technology Christmas Party – to be held at Cafe Morso, Pyrmont
  • Aldi Stores Christmas Party – to be held at Surly’s American Bar, Surry Hills

Why book Slide McBride For Your Christmas Party?

Typically, people attending work Christmas parties have a diverse range of ages. There are the young twenty-year-olds, but also the more mature fifty-year-olds. The band, Slide McBride will appeal to this broad range of ages, and this is the key to all age groups feeling included and everyone having a great time.

Read some of the band’s Corporate Testimonials –

The key to appealing to a broad range of ages is in the band’s repertoire of songs. Primarily, there are lots of “classics” in the song list, but also included are more recent hits. Songs such as “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Proud Mary” are always winners with any audience, but the recent inclusion of Calvin Harris’s “Feels” has been a popular addition.

Have a look at the band’s repertoire –

Having a great song list is imperative, but it’s Slide McBride’s charisma and energy that really differentiates the band from your typical function band. Gregarious singer, Slide McBride connects with his audience, and this is really what sets this band apart from other bands.

If you’d like to include a sassy female singer into the band, Slide’s daughter Beatrice adds an extra dynamic.

To make an inquiry, contact Slide McBride via email –

Otherwise, give Slide McBride a call – Tel: 0415 104 238

Or if you just need a ukulele player in Sydney, try Sugarman Slim. For more info, go to –

Or if you need a 1920’s band, try All That Jazz Band. For more info, go to –

Or if you simply want Sydney’s coolest jazz crooner, try Frankie Martini Jnr –

The Professional Band For Professional People

High Demand For Bland

High Demand For Bland

High Demand For Bland
Grey garage, grey gravel, grey fence, grey car.

Something that fascinates me is the high demand for things that are bland. With so many options available to us, we still seem to gravitate towards the dull and the boring. The demand for blandness seems to have reached a new high.

Car Colour

I don’t understand the preoccupation people have for owning black cars. Firstly, we live in a country with intense sunlight. Black absorbs heat. Therefore, a black car will get hotter than other cars. To choose a car colour that maximises the impact of the harsh Australian sun makes little sense. Secondly, black is the same colour as most roads. This impedes visibility, making it more likely for another driver to pull out on you, increasing your risk of being in an accident. Thirdly, black is the same colour as most hire cars. If you are being driven by a hire car driver, then there is a certain amount of prestige that accompanies this. Unfortunately,most people with black cars don’t have drivers. They have to do the driving themselves.

The popularity of grey as a choice in car colour also puzzles me. If there is any one “most boring” colour, it would have to be grey. Think of how miserable just one week of grey, gloomy, wet weather is. We can’t wait for the vibrant blue skies to return. Strangely, we choose to drive around in grey cars. In an attempt to make grey interesting, we substitute words such as “charcoal” or “silver”. We may as well use descriptive words such as “mud”, “dirt” or “drab”.

Probably the most common car colour is white. Plain-ol’-white. Can’t-go-wrong white. Nothing-interesting white. Never-fade white. It’s the same colour as an artist’s canvas before he or she starts to work on the painting.

I was taught that black, white and grey aren’t colours. They are shades. This means that most of us choose to drive colourless cars. We seem to have a fondness for the plain,dull and uninteresting. Does this cross over into the rest our lives? Are most of us leading plain, dull and colourless lives?

Our Preference For Bland Music

I love drinking un-homogenised milk. The cream is at the top. If you want it mixed up, you have to shake the bottle. The milk tastes better. It is less processed. Yet, it is difficult to buy. The majority of people seem to prefer homogensed milk.

A broad definition of the word homogenise is, “to make it all the same”. With milk, this means to make the cream and the rest of the milk all the same. This is done by reducing the size of the fat globules. 

In our current society, there seems to be a propensity “to make it all the same”, from cars to clothes to music. And, just as I am puzzled by people choosing grey cars, I am equally perplexed by people choosing to listen to “grey” music. Music can be so exciting, yet dull music has an overwhelming popularity.

The Popularity Of Bland Music

Walk into most establishments either serving food or selling clothes and you’ll hear the same computer generated drum loop. It’s the same drum loop you hear when someone drives past in a car with their stereo blaring. It’s the same loop that you hear when you sit next to someone on a train and their headphones are so loud that they spill into the carriage. So boring yet so popular. People love bland.

Walk into a bar or pub that advertises “live music”. You know in advance what you are going to hear get because everything is the same. There will usually be a guy dressed down in grubby clothes playing the guitar. He will most likely be using some kind of loop pedal to set up some kind of repetitive beat before each song. He’ll be sitting on a stool and he’ll have an ipad attached to his microphone stand. There will be nothing unique about what he does and no one will be listening to him. He’s employed to be wall-paper and be part of the generic vibe. If it’s not bland and meaningless you know you won’t see him back next week.

Let’s Put Colour Back Into Our Lives

We don’t have to lead grey lives. We are surrounded by vibrant colours. It’s simply a matter of choosing colour over grey. Think back to the 70’s. Clothes were colourful. Music was colourful. People’s lives were colourful. We also had a more even distribution of wealth across the world. 

What’s your preference?

Which do you prefer? This…


…or this?





What Other Sydney Wedding Band Gets Reviews Like This?

sydney's best wedding band

What Other Sydney Wedding Band Gets Reviews Like This?

We play at lots of weddings. I commonly get “thanks you” messages, either by email or text message. Occasionally I get hand written thank you letters. My question is, what other Sydney wedding bands gets reviews like this?

Good Evening Slide,

I just want to thank you again for the fabulous job you did entertaining the guests at Katie and Tim’s wedding.  I’m so thankful we engaged a band with such a diverse musical repertoire and also has the  intelligence to select appropriate music for various points in a function.

We have had great feedback from all the guests particularly the New Zealand contingent.  Everyone was so impressed with your musical talent, your energy and how you didn’t break the whole night with one song leading immediately into the next.

Slide we hope that some time in the future we have the opportunity to ask you to another function and we will certainly recommend you to family and friends.

Kind regards,

Catherine Metcalfe

sydney wedding band
Actual email

Catherine is the mother of the bride.  The bride (Katie) married Tim (the groom).

sydney wedding band
Bride and Groom -Katie and Tim

Katie’s Dad is originally from New Zealand, so there were a certain number of Kiwis who had journeyed from ‘across the ditch’ to attend the wedding.

New Zealanders always love the band. We should tour there. They definitely seem to ‘get’ what we’re about.

Here’s some footage from the night…

The venue was Athol Hall in Mosman. I must have played at this venue about one hundred times over the years.

One of the things about being in Sydney’s best wedding band is that you get to play in all the best venues around town. What we love about Athol Hall is the simplicity. The building has rustic charm and fits in perfectly with our pre-dinner drinks music. Here’s an example…

Photos by Milton Gan

I meet many photographers at the many weddings we play at. One of the best around has to be Milton Gan.

For more on Milton Gan… 

Phone: 0424 531 368

Do I Really Need Any Speeches At My Wedding Reception?

Do I Really Need Any Speeches At My Wedding Reception?

On the October long-weekend we played at two weddings. The unusual thing with both weddings were the absence of speeches. I’ve played at an abundance of weddings and have seen many variations of what makes a truly memorable reception. It’s rare to see people skip speeches as part of their reception, but having observed this twice in one weekend, I now think it’s an excellent option to consider.


On the Saturday, we played at David and Kelly’s wedding reception.

sydney wedding band
Selfie with David and Kelly

On Sunday, we played at Gary and Cara’s wedding reception.

Sydney Wedding Band
Selfie with Gary and Cara


Both wedding receptions actually had two things in common.  Firstly, neither wedding reception had any speeches. Secondly, they were both held at surf clubs on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

David and Kelly had their ceremony and reception at South Curl Curl Surf Club, while Gary and Cara had their ceremony and reception at Narrabeen Surf Club.

David and Kelly – South Curl Curl Surf Club

David and Kelly had their ceremony on the balcony of the surf club overlooking Curl Curl Beach. Immediately after they were pronounced ‘man and wife’, they had about twenty minutes of informal speeches. The reception then followed straight after these, inside the surf club.

The reception was a cocktail-style affair with a relaxed ambiance.  David and Kelly did their bridal dance to the second song we played. This encouraged their guests to dance which they did throughout our first set. Dinner was served about an hour into the reception, so we pulled back the intensity of the music to allow for eating and dinner conversation. After guests had eaten, the party really got going! Without the interruption of speeches we played solidly, performing five sets over the five hour reception.

Gary and Cara – Narrabeen Surf Club

Gary and Cara’s ceremony was outdoors on the grass area between the club house and the beach. Celebratory drinks were served immediately following the ceremony. During these drinks, we played in our roving acoustic format.

Here is a clip of us playing during this part of the reception

Dinner was then served inside the surf club which was followed by dancing. There were no speeches and there was no bridal dance. Often, guests won’t dance until after the ‘bridal dance’, but this was not the case with Gary and Cara’s guests. Everyone danced with very little encouragement. They were a very receptive crowd. Gary and Cara did actually dance. They simply chose not to do a formal bridal dance.

Planning Your Wedding – Do What You Want

I’ve played at hundreds of weddings. My one word of advice is…

Do what you want and do it your own way.

There are no rules when planning your wedding. If you are not into speeches, don’t have any. If you really don’t want to do a bridal dance, then don’t. If you want something informal, book a surf club. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on flowers or theming, then don’t.



Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

On Saturday 3rd September, we played at the Trish Foundation Ball. The event was a charity fund raising event and was held in the Ballroom at The Sydney Hilton Hotel.

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

Money raised at this event will go towards research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

The M.C. for this event was Leigh Sales, who is well known for hosting the 7:30 Report on ABC TV.

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel
Selfie with Leigh Sales, host of the 7:30pm Report (ABC TV)

We received a very complementary thank you letter from the organisers of the event (see below).

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

Everyone present had a wonderful night. Here are a couple of shots of guests enjoying the evening.

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel

Alex and Sarah’s Wedding at Aqua Dining

Alex and Sarah’s Wedding at Aqua Dining

Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band

We played at Alex and Sarah’s wedding reception on Friday, 26th August.

Their venue was Aqua Ding at Milson’s Point. This venue has spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is nestled in between North Sydney Pool and Luna Park.

Their reception was a cocktail style event. This is my favourite format for wedding receptions.

For more details on this remarkable venue, please refer to their website –

The photographer for the event was James Rose from Rose Photos.

For more information on Rose Photos, please go to this website –

James was generous enough to share some images of the night with me. Here are some selected images.

Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –
Alex and Sarah's Wedding at Aqua Dining - Slide McBride Band
This photo courtesy of James Rose from Rose Photos –



Alison and Andy’s Wedding at Gunners Barracks

Alison and Andy’s Wedding at Gunners Barracks

Alison and Andy's Wedding at Gunners Barracks

On Saturday, 27th August we played at Alison and Andy’s wedding at The Gunners Barracks, Mosman.

This venue is like a second home to us. We are a popular choice for The Gunners Barracks because we fit in perfectly with the unique layout of the venue.

For more information on this venue, please refer to their website –

Alison and Andy’s wedding and reception were during the day. Blake and I played at the ceremony (at 10:30am) and then the rest of the band joined us from 11am. The reception ran until 3pm.

The ceremony was held in the courtyard. Pre-lunch drinks and canapes were also in the courtyard. After drinks, all guests were seated for lunch out on the balcony. The main room was kept clear and used as the dancing area. This arrangement worked perfectly, especially for a daytime wedding.