Andy Jessica's Wedding Balmoral Bathers Pavilion

Andy and Jessica’s Wedding at Balmoral Bathers Pavilion We had the pleasure of performing at Andy and Jessica’s wedding at The Balmoral Bathers Pavilion on Saturday, 20th August. This venue  is one of my favourite places to play in Sydney. This renowned restaurant has a function room upstairs with an adjoining balcony. This area is… Read More

Why I Play The Trombone I took up playing trombone way back in 1979. For over 35 years, I’ve been spitting into the narrow end of a long piece of extendable metal pipe. Who would be crazy enough to take on such a humbling pursuit? And, of all the musical instruments available, why the trombone?… Read More

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Global Warming Assists Wedding Planning In Sydney Despite what governments try and tell us, it’s difficult to challenge global warming being a genuine issue facing the world. We’ve just had our hottest April on record. This follows the hottest March on record. Meanwhile, glaciers in arctic areas continue to melt away. It sounds daunting, but… Read More

Wedding band, live band - Slide McBride - Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Wedding Bands Get out your phone, tablet or computer, go to Google and search for “Sydney Wedding Bands”. The result will show page upon page of bands spruiking themselves as being “Sydney’s Premier Wedding Band”. The impression it gives is that every musician and singer wants to play in a wedding band, yet it… Read More

Live Band Performance Tips – How To Compete With Mobile Phones A couple of months ago I went to see Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, “Hateful Eight”. Tarantino’s film is a conceptual experience designed to give the movie-goer an experience similar to seeing a film at the cinema in the late 50’s/early 60’s. Two notable parts of… Read More

The Death Of Live Bands In Sydney – The Hidden Cause The Sydney live music scene is nothing to what it once was. The scene was once vibrant and thriving, but these days the opportunity to see bands performing live has become rare. Why is this? Is it because of… Poker machines in pubs? Restrictive licensing… Read More

Wedding Planning 3 Things That Make A Wedding Reception Successful When planning a Wedding Reception, a few things are essential, and many things are superfluous. Appeal To The Five Senses Most of us are blesses with having five senses that stimulate our brains. Sight Sound Touch Smell Taste Planning a wedding reception is as simple… Read More

Sydney Wedding Venues Athol Hall (Review) Last weekend we played at Athol Hall – twice. We performed at two wedding receptions there. Friday (4th March) was a wedding for Chris and Amie. Saturday (5th March) was a wedding for Barry and Amanda. Athol Hall is a venue in Mosman, just down the hill from Taronga… Read More

Moby’s at Whale Beach – Venue Review Going to the Northern Beaches of Sydney is like leaving Sydney altogether. The “vibe” of the district is nothing like the rest of Sydney. It has a tranquility unmatched. It’s as if such a high proportion of their population meditates and does yoga that the consciousness of the… Read More