Marriage Equality- Yes We Are Open For Business The Slide McBride band would like to congratulate Australia for voting for marriage equality. The members of my band and my family anxiously anticipated the results from the marriage equality plebiscite and then as the bill passed the Upper and finally through the Lower House. It was… Read More

Using An Ipod Playlist For Your Wedding Using and Ipod playlist at your wedding reception seems like such a sensible option. You check out the option of hiring a band, and they all seem so expensive. You look into hiring a  DJ. They are so much cheaper, but then how do you know that they… Read More

Band Still Available For Your Friday Night Christmas Party For some strange reason, my band is still available on 3 x Friday nights in December, 2017. This is most unusual. Typically, Friday nights in December book out months in advance, but… Slide McBride (the band) is still available for your Friday night Christmas Party. The… Read More

High Demand For Bland Something that fascinates me is the high demand for things that are bland. With so many options available to us, we still seem to gravitate towards the dull and the boring. The demand for blandness seems to have reached a new high. Car Colour I don’t understand the preoccupation people have… Read More

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What Other Sydney Wedding Band Gets Reviews Like This? We play at lots of weddings. I commonly get “thanks you” messages, either by email or text message. Occasionally I get hand written thank you letters. My question is, what other Sydney wedding bands gets reviews like this? Good Evening Slide, I just want to thank you… Read More

I meet many photographers at the many weddings we play at. One of the best around has to be Milton Gan. For more on Milton Gan…  Email:   Website:   Facebook:   Instagram:   Phone: 0424 531 368… Read More

Do I Really Need Any Speeches At My Wedding Reception? On the October long-weekend we played at two weddings. The unusual thing with both weddings were the absence of speeches. I’ve played at an abundance of weddings and have seen many variations of what makes a truly memorable reception. It’s rare to see people skip… Read More

Trish Foundation Ball at Sydney Hilton Hotel On Saturday 3rd September, we played at the Trish Foundation Ball. The event was a charity fund raising event and was held in the Ballroom at The Sydney Hilton Hotel. Money raised at this event will go towards research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. The M.C.… Read More

Alex and Sarah’s Wedding at Aqua Dining We played at Alex and Sarah’s wedding reception on Friday, 26th August. Their venue was Aqua Ding at Milson’s Point. This venue has spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is nestled in between North Sydney Pool and Luna Park. Their reception was a cocktail style event.… Read More

Alison and Andy’s Wedding at Gunners Barracks On Saturday, 27th August we played at Alison and Andy’s wedding at The Gunners Barracks, Mosman. This venue is like a second home to us. We are a popular choice for The Gunners Barracks because we fit in perfectly with the unique layout of the venue. For more… Read More